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Adapting Remtek Systems: Virtual Bookings

Category: News

In a previous article: “Adapting Remtek Systems: Virtual Setups” we explored how we’ve adapted our specialised service in a way that reflected our commitment to students.  

To support students during the coronavirus pandemic we transformed our “face to face” setups to virtual setups. This decision ensured that we could continue with our personalised approach whilst not furloughing all our field engineers.  

We moved to a remote/virtual setup scenario that guaranteed the same one to one setup without placing any risk on our staff or students. 

Following on from the success of our virtual setups, we decided to go one step further and offer virtual bookings.  

How virtual bookings work? 

The online set up and familiarisation process is booked alongside arranging the student's delivery. This booking is offered either on the phone, if the student has called or through email. 

We then go on to arrange a date and time which suits the student, with an online set up engineer. 

 Once the delivery has been arranged and the online set up and familiarisation are complete, we then discuss training. The online set up ensures the student is ready for training. 

 This is all part of the seamless flow of the Remtek experience, making sure that the student is confident in using and getting the most out of their AT equipment. 

We caught up with our Admin Supervisor, Melissah Matthews to find out why virtual bookings are supporting student outcomes.  

Melissah explained how the virtual bookings ensure that the students receive the same high-level service and handholding. When they receive a box of technology, they know that they have a pre-booked appointment with a professional engineer to help them get started. Reserving it all at the same time, makes sure there is no anxiety for the student about having to call and book appointments.  

From the assessor's standpoint, they know they are less likely to receive a call from a student saying they received their equipment but do not know what to do with it. Our systems ensure all students begin their journey informed and engaged with the technology. 

Getting started: 

Our staff are ready to help you with your DSA needs. Get in touch with us via the following:  

Phone: 0161 745 8353  

Fax: 0161 745 8343  

SMS: 07854 359160  





Need further assistance?

Our staff are ready to help you with your DSA needs. You can easily contact us via the following:

  • Phone: 0161 745 8353
  • Email:
  • Live Support: Chat with an assistant at Live Support


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