VAT Information

VAT on assistive technology & software

This information is supplied as guide only current HMRC rules would always apply.

You may be able to purchase some products without paying vat id you have a recognised disability.

The products will need to be specifically designed to address a disability and not for use by the general public.

For example a program such as Text Help, designed specifically for dyslexia,  and a product such as a CCTV designed specifically for visual impairment would likely qualify.

A product such as a standard wrist rest would not qualify because its designed for general office, use even if this were to benefit some or even many disabled computer users.

One exception to this is a computer system supplied with the assistive software such as Text Help may also qualify for VAT relief, even is this computer is of a standard specification.

VAT relief is only available to individuals not institutions.

The  quotation tool available on this web site automatically calculates the correct VAT total.

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